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Wilderness Road Hospitality

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Team member uses her soap-making skills to serve in Greece Jenny Beth is a former Kentucky Soaps and Such team member, and she has taken the skills she learned there across the world to serve others! She is working with Nea [...]... Read more
Esther's Wellhouse welcomes a new massage therapist Meet Aaron, our newest massage therapist at Esther's Wellhouse! She looks forward to helping customers relax and rejuvenate. Book you appointment now at Read more
Hallway Feeds: From horse feed to granola Feelin’ Your Oats Granola is a new product on the shelves of Kentucky Soaps & Such, but the maker of this crunchy snack has a long history dating back to 1964. We know Hallway [...]... Read more


From massage therapy, facials, body scrubs and infrared sauna therapy, the Esther’s Wellhouse team is dedicated to providing you an experience that will rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.


Join our team in the tranquil atmosphere of small-town Stanford, Kentucky. Our customers are waiting for you! Apply here.
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